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Tao Health Qi Gong Services


Overview of Tao Health's Teachings and Resources

Tao Health offers a number of services which include:

One-on-one Tuition

Private sessions in Qi Gong and Taoist Meditation. Sessions can be between one and one and a half hours and are held at the Tao Health Centre in Massey. more details here

Semi-Private Classes

If you would like something more economical than a private session, but still wish to maintain a high level of personal attention, you might like to try the semi-private group classes for 3 to 4 people. Sessions are held at the Tao Health Centre in Massey. more details here

Workshops, Seminars, Retreats

A selection of events from 3 hours to 5 days depending on your needs. A whole range of topics are covered, such as stress management, how to stop worrying and emotional mastery. Plus training in the foundation practices of the Universal Healing Tao. more details here

Feng Shui Consultations

Feng Shui home consultations, helping you to create harmonious living spaces that uplift your energy and wellbeing.

Corporate Training

Classes and training for employees helping them to de-stress and improve productivity. more details coming soon.

Informative Speaking Events

Be inspired and uplifted by understanding the nature of your mind and body through a Taoist understanding of life. more details coming soon.

Community Projects

Classes in the community giving those in need the tools to enhance their life. more details coming soon.


Resources and Information

Articles, Inspiration, Useful Information and Recommended Reading. Plus a range of products including Meditation CDs and informational DVDs. Plus links to other relevant sites. more details coming soon.


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