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Ren Yuan: Third Method of Yuan Gong Qigong

Introduction to Ren Yuan Qigong - Third Method

Ren Yuan is the first method of the Yuan Gong system which works on unblocking Qi and strengthening the body.

Third Method of the Yuan Gong Qigong system created by Yuan Tze

Ren Yuan is the third method of the Yuan Gong system.

Ren Yuan is more complex than the first two methods in that there are more movements to learn which requires more teaching time (2 full days) than Tian Yuan first method which only takes 1 day to learn.

Physical Benefits

It mainly works on the physical level, including the skin, muscles, tendons and sinews, blood vessels, bones and all of the organs by opening the channels in the body and promoting the flow of Qi in these channels.

This method involves stretching every part of the body on a deep level and so is effective for improving the physical body, including the physique, the flexibility (suppleness) of the body and its ability to balance.

It can be effective in making positive change to health problems and also work well to prevent illness and improve the overall health condition.

Benefits to Qi

This method effects deep change of Qi directly in these physical parts and structures and so is very beneficial for the prevention of illness and improvement of overall health.

Ren Yuan is also a good method for the practitioner to improve the ability to work with Qi, including experiencing Qi, activating Qi, moving Qi and making positive changes to Qi. The practitioner can therefore effect change of Qi on the level that is not easy to reach – the channels. This ability can also be very helpful for conducting external Qi therapy.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

This method is also very effective for cultivating what is known in Ren Xue Human Life Science a 'calm, relaxed and natural state'. Believe it or not, we are designed to be in a calm, relaxed state most of the time because this is our natural state!

Practising this method allows the practitioner to get into this calm, relaxed state within a very short time and experience the interesting changes of Xing, Qi and Shen and the wonderful feeling brought about by their unification.

The method is also very useful for developing the ability to maintain balance on the emotional and mental levels.

What you will learn

We will cover both the theory (philosophy and mind activity) and practice (physical movements and postures) of Ren Yuan. By the end of the 2 days you will have learnt enough to start your own practice at home.

Sustained practice of this method will yield many positive effects and is necessary for building the foundation for subsequent Yuan Gong methods.

This method is suitable for all. It has the potential to become a method that the general public will use for their health maintenance.

Structure of the method

Ren Yuan is made up of a range of individual techniques that can be used in a variety of ways.

There are three sections (techniques) in the combined opening and ending, and three in each of the five main segments. This makes 18 sections altogether.

Each section is specifically designed to work on a specific part of the body, and therefore can be used to address the problems in that part or to strengthen it.

The three sections that make up a segment work together in an organic way to make the segment a comprehensive method in itself. In other words, each of the 18 sections and each of the six segments (five main and one combining the opening and the ending) can be used as an individual method and practised in accordance with the needs of the practitioner.

Technical Aspects of Ren Yuan

Ren Yuan belongs to the First Stage 'External Transformation Stage' and is designed to work on Qi at a deeper level than the first two methods (Tian Yuan and Di Yuan) of this stage.

Xing (the body and the movement), Qi and Shen are important in this method. The method requires the integration of the consciousness and Qi, the body movement being activated by Qi and the unification of Shen and Xing. So this is a method using Xing, Qi and Shen together in a special way.


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History of Yuan Gong

Master Yuan Tze (Bin Liu) - teacher of Zhineng Qi Gong
Yuan Tze, creator of Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong was created and launched by Yuan Tze as a brand new Qigong system in 2013 and Kim was fortunate enough to be amongst the first teachers trained in this new method.

In April 2013 Yuan Tze announced that after 40+ years of training, he had chosen to bring a new Qigong system to the world. He felt people needed a simple form of Qigong which was easy to learn, effective and a pleasure to practice.

YuanGong Teacher Training 2013


Levels of Yuan Gong practice

Yuan Gong is divided into 3 levels (stages) and 9 methods. At this time (2013) only levels 1 and 2 have been taught to teachers by Master Yuan Tze.

Name of Method
Stage / Purpose
Tian Yuan (Heavenly Method) External Transformation of the Body and Qi
Di Yuan (Earthly Method) External Transformation of the Body and Qi
Ren Yuan (Human Method) External Transformation of the Body and Qi
Xia Yuan (Lesser Method) Internal Transformation of Qi and Shen
Zhong Yuan (Middle Method) Internal Transformation of Qi and Shen
Shang Yuan (Higher Method) Internal Transformation of Qi and Shen
Tong Yuan (Flow) Further development of Shen and Qi
Ling Yuan (Clear) Further development of Shen and Qi
Ming Yuan (Bright) Further development of Shen and Qi

Additional Exercises

In addition to the 9 main levels of Yuan Gong, there are also a number of supplementary exercises including:

  1. La Qi (pulling Qi) - to draw pure Hun Yuan Qi from the Universe into the body to replenish and rejuvinate, and expel sick or unhealthy Qi

  2. Rou Qi (kneading Qi) - to assist in the gathering and mixing of Qi

  3. Yong Dong (Qi moving like worms) - to improve the flow of Qi into the limbs

  4. Squats which open and stretch the spine, kua (groin area) and pelvic girdle. The movement of squatting and standing can promote the Qi and blood flow of the whole body.  It is also specifically beneficial for conditions of the lower back and lower limbs.


Check the Events Page for upcoming trainings

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