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'How It All Began, Origins of the Healing Tao System' Documentary Film (DVD)

At a time in history when Yoga was practiced in basements and Martial Arts found only in the movies, Taoist Internal Alchemy was not accessible to the western world.  This was the time Master Mantak Chia came to America with a dream to share Taoist Wisdom.

Early seekers of the Tao found him in a small office in Chinatown, New York City and the Healing Tao system was born and became the bridge between East and West.  We traveled the world to interview Master Chia and those early seekers who reveal “How it All Began.”

In this film you will hear and see:

  • How the Healing Tao System was established in the USA, from it's early beginnings in downtown Chinatown, NYC.
  • Interviews with the first western students of Master Chia, including Sharon Smith, Gunther Weil, Raven Cohen and Ron Diana.  Also Juan Li, Michael Winn, Marie Favorito, Minke De Vos and Renu Li who are now Senior instructors of the Healing Tao System.
  • How the extraordinary paintings of the esoteric meditation practices were brought to life
  • How Mantak Chia's teacher came to be given these esoteric teachings by his Grand Master deep in the Chinese mountains

Watch the trailer:

"How it All Began - The Origins of the Universal Healing Tao”

Produced and Directed by Karin Sörvik and Jamee Culbertson

This DVD can be ordered directly from Jamee Culbertson