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Foundation practices of the Universal Healing Tao


The foundation exercises

The following are the foundation practices of the Universal Healing Tao

Warm up exercises

All meditations and standing postures are usually preceded by 15-2- minutes of 'warm-up' exercises which loosen the joints, allowing Qi and blood to flow through the channels.

The Inner Smile meditation

The Inner Smile is a powerful relaxation technique that utilizes the 'expanding' energy of happiness, love and joy as a language with which to communicate with the internal organs of the body... full description of the Inner Smile meditation

The Six Healing Sounds meditation

A basic relaxation and self-healing technique, the Healing Sounds meditation utilizes skills developed in the Inner Smile Meditation. Simple arm movements and special sounds are used to produce a cooling, balancing effect on the internal organs and the emotional energy that is stored there... full description of the Healing Sounds meditation

The Microcosmic Orbit meditation

Through unique relaxation and concentration techniques, one circulates, directs and preserves Qi through two major energy pathways in the body. These are major acupuncture meridiens which were the first two meridiens created in utero. Their free flow is therefore vital for our health.... full description of the Microcosmic Orbit meditation

Iron Shirt Qi Gong

The core standing postures of the Universal Tao are called 'Iron Shirt Qi Gong', the reason being you build an iron shirt of strength within your body. Iron Shirt postures help to ground the body and build physical and mental stamina... full description of Iron Shirt Qi Gong

Connect the 3 Tan Tiens to the 6 Directions

'Opening the Three Tan Tiens to the Six Directions' is a Qi Gong exercises that strengthens your connection to the Universe, opening you up to the primordial force of the Cosmos and the energy within Nature... full description of Connect the 3 Tan Tiens to the 6 Directions

Chi Nei Tsang Internal Organs Qi Gong

Chi Nei Tsang is the art of internal organs chi (energy) transformation.  By working gently and directly on the abdominal organs it is possible to help release physical toxins from the body, clear emotional charges that are stored in the organs, and consequently unwind tensions that are manifesting in other parts of the body... full description of Chi Nei Tsang